Inside. Artist Btihal Remli

Oct-25-2016 Nov-21-2016


Ville de Marrakech

Inside. Artist Btihal Remli






Inside. Artist Btihal Remli Until November 21, 2016

Inside. Artist Btihal Remli
Until November 21, 2016
Btihal Remli is a young photographer, born in Germany of Moroccan parents she studied in Germany, Portugal, and ets graduated with a master of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Since then she has worked on projects Photographics. His photography is inspired by questions about his identity, exploring how space, society and religion penetrate his personal baggage.

In the exhibition Inside, Btihal Remli uses this unconscious that defines the functionality of the spaces. The boundaries between secular space and sacred space are blurred. Social characteristics of intimacy are redrawn.
The approach is not religious, it is almost anthropological. These sacred usual times but found a new meaning.

The absence of human figure in some of the photos does not prevent the viewer to find there this spiritual aspect created through various rituals. Instead, the items left by man are all so full of meaning.
It transcends time marked by moments that are both usual and repetitive, yet each time equally important.

The artist reveals intimate photographs of Moroccan daily set and converted by religious rituals. The man takes his place on the predefined social function spaces and is able to give them new meaning.
Here we find through a sensory journey all matters related to space, understanding that men have, how they use it, and shall adjust the transform.

Spiritual rituals manifest themselves physically and immaterial becomes material.

We then asked about the relationship with religion, the viewer is both included in this sacred and intimate space but also the place of the voyeur. The relationship between interior and exterior spaces is also reflected in the eye of the viewer who instead of being in the profane outer space, finds himself propelled into the intimacy.

The artist through these spaces as a search for identity in course. It is a fleeting journey that makes sense. Questions about the presence of religion in public space fades pace photographs. Public space is both secular and sacred, permanent and ephemeral, belonging to all and can be redefined many times that there are individuals.

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